Real Estate Talk Sponsor Channel User Manual


Thank you for subscribing to Real Estate Talk’s sponsor channel which will help you reach one of Australia’s largest and most active property investor communities in the country with your chosen message.

What is included with your Sponsored Channel (12 month commitment).

  • Your ad is featured on home page (in rotation).
  •  1 x extended Skype interview with Kevin Turner
  • Unlimited articles, blogs, posts, videos and audios into your channel.
  • Assistance with inserting / uploading  3 blogs per month – others at cost – $20 per post
  • 6 x 4 min interviews a year on the weekly Real Estate Talk Show
  • Mention of your channel (content highlight features) in 10 shows over the year
  • 1 x 4 minute interview in an Australian Property Investor Magazine Podcast
  •  1 x EDM (bonus) with your first EDM purchase in every 12 months.
  • All further EDM blasts at a 10% discount (subject to availability)

For your convenience we have set out below instructions to help you set up your sponsor channel.

The Process

Channel Setup

Go to the following link :

Scroll down the page until you get to a section called Contact Details (Admin use only – will not be displayed on Channel).  Complete details.

RET Manual Diagram 1

Scroll further down the screen to upload your text, images, banners and company logo.

RET Manual Diagram 2

To upload images click on Browse and then upload the image you wish to add.  Also add your URL where you would like your image to land on.

The Main Image needs to be 200 x 240 px; JPEG or PNG on white background. (This is the main image the audience will see and is used twice on the website. White background is preferred so it doesn’t clash with the styling of the site).  Refer to the sponsor channel pages on Real Estate Talk as an example to see how this appears on the sponsor channel pages and

RET Manual Diagram 3

RET Manual Diagram 4

RET Manual Diagram 5

Launching your Channel

You will now need to include your posts to launch your channel.  We will require 3 posts.  You can post a text article, audio or video. (Please refer below for definitions).


When Selecting Text you will need to include the Headline 5-15 words and then upload your document.
Please layout your Microsoft text or HTML document the way you wish to display it on your sponsor channel. Make sure all images are resized and embedded in the document.s.


When Selecting your Video include the Headline 5-15 words.
After you have uploaded the video to YouTube (or Vimeo) provide the link to us and we will take care of embedding the video into the article.  If you also have text associated with the video, upload the Microsoft Word or HTML document.


When Selecting your audio include the Headline 5-15 words.
Include the URL to where you are hosting the audio content (Amazon or similar).

How to upload your text / audio / video :

To upload your post scroll down the page to heading Initial Posts for Channel.

RET Manual Diagram 7a

RET Manual Diagram 7

RET Manual Diagram 8

How to Submit your Details

When you have completed the form press the SUBMIT button.  Your details will then be received by our web designers and uploaded on to your channel station. This should take 1-5 days to complete.


If you have any trouble uploading documents, please contact us at and we will respond within 24 hours.

Future uploads of new articles once your Sponsor Channel is Set Up.

Please go to the following link for ongoing uploads onto the Sponsor Channel and complete form and submit.  Your article will take 1-5 days to appear on your Sponsor Channel.

Sponsored Channel Resource Guide

If you require any assistance with written blogs, making your videos or recording of your video please go to the follow Resource Guide

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