How to overcome the biggest risks property investors face

What’s the biggest risk for property investors?

Well…It may not be what you thing!

While most property investors get involved in real estate to develop a level of financial freedom, we know that most property investors fail to achieve that goal.

Statistics show that 92% never get past the second investment property and less than 1% of the 2 million Australians who invest in real estate owned six or more properties

While there’s lots of reasons this happens, in today’s video webcast we discuss the common risks that property investors experience and how to avoid them to make sure that you’re not a casualty of the game of property.

In this video Ken Raiss of Metropole Wealth Advisory and Michael Yardney, of Metropole Property Strategists give their thoughts on:

  • How to avoid being a casualty of the property game
  • The external risks you have no control over.
  • Property related risks that you have a degree of control over.
  • Some potential risks you hadn’t even thought of.

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