How to Find the Best Agent to Sell Your Property

by Kevin Turner

Discover the “insider secrets” about how real estate agents work and how to cut through the hype to appoint the BEST agent

The most important decision a property owner must make when selling their property is not how much to ask or how to sell their property but WHO should sell it. The saddest stories from property sellers about their selling experience, is nearly always about the agent they chose. Bad or no communication, all promise and no delivery, a lack of skill and no offers – not even low offers.

Don’t make the mistake of getting stuck with a dud agent.

FACT: Agents are trained to ‘sell’ themselves when they meet you.

You need to know how to test their skill with buyers, how well they follow up and most importantly how powerfully they negotiate.

What it is about:

You will get tips on how to interview the agents, the questions to ask and the answers to expect, how to determine which agent is offering the best marketing plan and how that will help get top dollar. After reading this eBook you will understand about market conditions, be able to determine how much demand there will be for your property and how that can be increased. Also, why the agent will need different marketing strategies. Learn how to test the agent’s negotiation ability, how well they will follow up the buyers and how they handle low offers.

This ebook puts you in control of the sale of your property!

What others are saying about Kevin’s ebook

This is the book to read before you sell your home. It will teach you the strategies you need to find the best agent to sell your home for the top price, whatever the market conditions. This insider knowledge will help you avoid the common mistakes that cost the average home seller tens of thousands of dollars. – Michael Yardney, Metropole Property Strategists, once again voted Australia’s leading property adviser

About Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner commenced his real estate career in Paddington, Brisbane in 1988. Before starting in real estate, Kevin worked in radio as an announcer, salesperson, promotions manager and was General Manager of various radio stations in Queensland and New South Wales. While selling in real estate, he was ranked as top salesperson in Queensland and remained in the Top 10 Salespeople in the state until 1991 when he commenced with a major real estate franchisor as a sales trainer, business development associate and was appointed as State CEO 1992. Kevin has operated several real estate offices as business owner and was General Manager of several real estate offices in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has been able to combine his radio and real estate careers to create interesting and informative real estate programs on Australian commercial radio for over 10 years and is a regular real estate contributor to many of the national television news networks as well as SKY TV. His weekly real estate podcast is the most widely listened to independent property show in Australia and is available at His company also produces a daily 10 minute podcast show for real estate professionals which can be found at

What it is about:

  • Kevin’s 7 step guide to getting the best agent
  • The questions to ask an agent and the answers you SHOULD get
  • How to identify the current market conditions
  • Why the cheapest agent is not the best agent
  • How to test the agents negotiation ability
  • The skills all great agents possess

This is a “must read” BEFORE you call an agent.

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