Going green pays + First rooftop farm in AU + Brisbane declared ‘lucky city’ and more!

Going green pays + First rooftop farm in AU + Brisbane declared ‘lucky city’ and more!

This week’s guest on Property News Update is Veronica Morgan! She joins Kevin Turner to discuss interesting stories from the property industry like:

  • Going green pays. Not only can adding solar panels reduce a home’s energy costs, it can also potentially increase a home’s value. But by how much?
  • Brisbane declared as ‘lucky city’. The Australian house market is approaching rock bottom, but Brisbane is an exception. A huge jump in house prices are predicted for the city, driven by high interstate migration and affordable properties compared to other capitals.
  • Australia’s first native rooftop farm lies four storeys high in Sydney’s South Eveleigh precinct. Created as part of a collaboration with real estate group Mirvac, the farm is “basically a mini food bowl”.
  • Land-banking scheme goes to the Supreme Court as Get-rich-quick spruikers James McIntyre and Henry Kaye hit the headlines again. The scam–dating back to 2011–fleeced mum-and-dad-investors of at least $24 million.
  • Escape from the city with a pub twist. Aspiring pub owners in country Victoria now have the opportunity to move away from the city rat race and take on a life behind the bar – often for much less than Melbourne’s median house price.


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