Kevin Turner

Australia’s leading independent property commentator
Kevin Turner

Australia’s leading independent property commentator, brings together leading authorities on the property market.

Each week we take a fresh look at the property market so you get all the facts to help you make the right decision. Since Kevin regularly talks to and interviews Australasia’s leading experts in property, he forms opinions about market conditions and news on topical issues. This area of the website is where he regularly makes a comment or shares news about events.


Shannon Davis defines the difference between having a strategy and looking for a tax benefit.  He says many investors get confused and why one is a s...

Transcripts: As a property investor you need to become skilled at heavily researching the property you are looking to buy.   Part of that research s...

Questions are coming in thick and fast, so today we will answer the second question this time from someone who wants to remain anonymous. The question...

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