Highlights from this week: 

  • Do buyers agents bring value?
  • Rental stats lag reality 
  • Home Builders grant doesn’t help buyers
  • Emerging property regions 

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How well do buyers agents work with a selling agent?  Imagine the fun when we put two of them together.  That is what we have done with Veronica Morgan – a buyers agent at Good Deeds Buyers Agents and Danny Doff one of Sydney’s top agents.  It makes for an interesting and challenging discussion.

We track rental vacancies as a measure of what the property market is doing and monitoring investor returns. All that has been turned on its head as a result of COVID.  Veronica Morgan talks to Lisa Indge from Sydney based business Lets Rent about the real impact and what she is observing at the coal face.

First home buyers are unwittingly making poor investment choices in order to take advantage of First Home Owner Grants and the HomeBuilder Grant according to a leading property expert and co-host at Real Estate Talk – Veronica Morgan.   Kevin swaps places with Veronica to find out what she is so concerned about.

There is a further shift away from the City CBD’s to decentralisation and regionalisation.  This shift has been accelerated with the recent pandemic and the flight to the relative safety & security of space.  Bushy Martin asks Simon Pressley to identify which regional towns are benefiting and why.


Kevin Turner
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