A meaty property sacrifice + The $4.1 million gate + Fancy a fort?

A meaty property sacrifice + The $4.1 million gate + Fancy a fort?

What’s made the news this week?

Watch (or listen) as Kieran Clair and Kevin Turner catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.


1. Sydney water views pull big dollars

A three-bedroom unit in the Balmain Shores complex has sold at auction on Saturday for $2.46 million… READ MORE


2. Military outpost to vicarage to family home

It’s a peaceful spot today, but this converted vicarage built in the 1920s, sits on the site of a former military… READ MORE


3. A meaty property sacrifice

My partner and I don’t own a car and we are currently cutting down on our meat and dairy intake… READ MORE


4. The $4.1 million gate

Perhaps California has found a new way to fund health care, jobs, housing and other provisions for its… READ MORE


5. Fancy a fort?

Offering the buyer a unique opportunity to purchase a piece of British Naval history with panoramic sea… READ MORE



Kevin Turner
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