109 Top Suburbs Under $350,000

109 Top Suburbs Under $350,000

Kevin Turner talks to Nicola McDougall about what’s in the February 2015 issue of Australian Property Investor magazine and then he talks to Ken Raiss, who is a bit hot under the collar about the negative press given to negative gearing. He also finds out what it took for John Edwards to put together the hottest list of affordable areas in Australia.

Ken Raiss – Chan & Naylor – The positive side to negative gearing

The opponents to negative gearing say that if its scrapped the Government will save billions and that property prices will become more affordable. Ken Raiss disagrees and says that if it is scrapped it will have a devastating impact with big increases in prices and rents.

John Edwards – On The House – 109 Suburbs under $350,000

John Edwards wrote the Cover Story in the February issue of Australian Property Investor. The article identifies the top suburbs in Australia where you can buy good property under $350,000. Hear about How John unearthed these areas and what he thinks about Australian property prices in general.

Kevin Turner
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