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7 Property Trends that will shape 2017! Two experts give their views

This month I’ve invited 2 of our regular experts to the show to discuss the trends that will shape our property markets in 2017.

If we learned anything last year it was to expect the unexpected and we’ve already had some surprises this year.

I’m sure you’ll get great benefit from this program as I speak with:

Michael Yardney, of Metropole Property Strategists who’s recently once again been voted Australia’s leading property investment adviser.


Ken Raiss, who is a CPA and director of Metropole Wealth Advisory

Some of the trends we discuss include:

  • House prices will increase but more slowly than last year
  • Interest rates will increase
  • There will be a lot more talk about housing affordability
  • Foreign Buyers Aren’t Going Away
  • Apartment oversupply in some cities
  • Global Political Uncertainty
  • There will be fewer properties for sale

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