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Finding a good investment is just the start


Once you have found the property you have been chasing for a while – the one that has great growth potential, has a twist and will provide a good return – it can all come crashing down if the property is not managed well.

Finding and keeping a good property manager is one of the stories in the latest API magazine and we catch up an award winning property manager in this podcast to find out some of the secrets to success.

Also in the latest Australian Property Investor magazine, Kieran Clare catches up with some of Australasia’s most successful renovators to find out what they are doing to make big bucks from their renos.  So we thought we would catch up with one of them for this podcast, none other than renovation queen Cherie Barber as she talks to Kevin about doing a reno and turning it over quickly.  What can go wrong and here do most renovators fail?   Cherie also has some advice on the two different types of renovation and she gives her single biggest tip to anyone wanting to tackle their first renovation.

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