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Ask Michael Anything – What’s in store for the Sydney & Melbourne property markets?

There’s a lot of speculation about the future of out property market – but what can investors is Sydney and Melbourne really expect? 

This week watch Michael explain and discuss what we can expect in the Melbourne & Sydney property markets.

This week’s questions:   

Sydney melb

With 1/3 of borrowers having little to no buffer, and the interest rate pretty much on the up-side, not to mention the completion of the number of apartments and land release.

How much correction do you think we might be facing in the Sydney and Melbourne markets?


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  1. Rainer Reply

    Thanks for providing this great facility to Ask Michael questions.
    Michael I know you believe in borrowing against high growth properties and living off equity.
    How and when do I pay down my debt? When do I eventually own my properties? I want to pass them on to my kids, but using your system I’ll be leaving them with debt.
    I look forward to your answer

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