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Ask Michael Anything – What is the best way to get a loan?

It’s no secret that there’s been a lot of changes to home loans in the last few months but does that making getting a loan impossible? 

This week watch Michael explain and discuss to steps you can take, to give yourself a better chance of a loan approval.

This week’s questions:    

I keep reading that the banks are making it harder and harder for property investors to get a loan.
piggy bank

I’m hoping to buy my first investment property later this year.

Is there anything I should do to increase my chances of getting a loan or maximizing the loan I get.



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  1. Nick Brehey Reply

    A question for Michael:
    I’ma beginning investor and my budget only allows me to buy a 1 bedroom apartment in the suburb I’ve selected. Some people frown on 1 bedroom apartments.Michael – What’s your thoughts? SHould I look at them or should I go further out from the CBD for a 2 bedroom apartment?

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