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  • Building Inspections can be a win/win + What drives property growth? + What agents need to tell buyers about a property

    Highlights from this week: Something that many buyers don’t bother to do that can cost thousands of dollars Why sellers should do a building inspection How to sort your finances up front Negative talk and speculation has a negative impact on the market Queensland benefits from overpriced Sydney and Melbourne markets Is there one growth driver that benefits all property markets? What an agent must tell you about a property before you buy Avoiding dutch auctions and getting gazumped when buying   Transcripts: Getting your finances sorted – Andrew Crossley Kevin:  One of the key things you have to...

  • What to look for when investing in the USA + Melbourne’s population set to double in 30 years

    Highlights from this week: What do investors need to be aware of if they want to invest in the USA property market? Should investors travel to the location to see property before buying overseas? The biggest decision you will have to make when buying a property. Why a ‘renovate and sell’ strategy does not always return well The bean counter for Australasia’s richest man speaks out about negative gearing How will Melbourne cope with a skyrocketing population growth and what opportunities will emerge in the next 30+ years The designs that have influenced how we build Aussie houses Transcripts: What...

  • Gold Coast market grows because of the Games + We can’t say the word but here is what it means

    Highlights from this week: What will happen to Gold Coast property prices before and after the Games Where to buy on the Coast NOW Why these are not ‘boom’ times’ What is ahead based on what has already happened Who is at risk from cross collaterisation Getting the right property investment strategy for your situation   Transcripts: We can’t say the word but here is what it means – Andrew Mirams Kevin:  It’s probably one of the hardest phrases to say and certainly one of the hardest terms to understand in property investing, and that is cross-collateralization. I have...

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