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  • When and how to dump a dud property + The APRA type boom + Protection in a relationship bust up

    Highlights from this week:   How to protect your portfolio in a relationship break up The pros and cons of the Victorian Government’s affordability scheme How some auction buyers are paying more than they need to without even knowing it is happening Perfecting the ‘dud property’ detector What could be halting your portfolio growth and why it’s not your fault Perfecting your auction bidding strategy Traps for young players starting out   Transcripts: Traps for young players starting out – Shannon Davis Kevin:  Shannon Davis from Metropole Property Strategists joins me. We talk about the restrictions that the banks...

  • Property investing fear busters + Don’t fall foul of FOMO + Not all property markets going well

    Highlights from this week: Why more people don’t invest in property. The real impact on investors from tighter lending policies. “More growth is on the way” – Core Logic. Why it is not all plain sailing in the Aussie property market. Technology has changed how agents, buyers and property sellers work. Why too much information can be as dangerous as not enough. The reason why some investors are still paying too much for a property.   Transcripts: Too much information is not good – Meighan Hetherington Kevin:  I started selling real estate in 1988 and quite often reflect back...

  • What successful investors don’t do + When a ‘flip’ becomes a ‘flop’ + Ugly suburbs turned beautiful

    Programs such as The Block might make house flipping seem straightforward and lucrative, but there are also a number of tax issues that house flippers should be made aware of.  Mark Chapman from H&R Block Tax Accountants looks at where house flippers stand from a tax perspective. Of the over 2 million property investors in Australia, only 18% own two properties, and less than 1% own five or more.  Although any asset is an achievement, success to most property investors is really determined by their ability to continue purchasing real estate. Unfortunately, so many Australians save for their entire working lives to be able to afford an investment...

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