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  • Duplex development tips – Brook Drake

    Some property investors are making up to $100K profit by developing duplex properties but it does not work in all markets.  Brook Drake has a business that helps investors identify the correct markets and the properties that will return well. Transcript :  Kevin:  One thing I do know is that any smart investor is always looking for the highest possible return they can get on their investment property. Have you ever thought of duplexes? Well, duplex development is something that requires a lot of skill, a lot of knowledge about where you can do it and how you do...

  • The property pulse with Ian Rodrigues

    In this show I ask Ian Rodrigues whose company specializes in taxation, business and financial Services as well as wealth management, how he believes Australia is travelling economically on the world stage, what the indicators are on Australia’s economical well-being and what impact be believes the Government pressure on foreign buyers will have on the property market Transcript: Kevin:  I want to introduce you to a new guest. He’s going to be a regular to the show, too. Ian Rodrigues is a director of Bishop Collins Group. He’s a chartered accountant specialized in taxation and superannuation. By way of introduction,...

  • Sydney in for a ‘soft landing’ – John McGrath

    Property guru John McGrath says he has great confidence in the South East Queensland property market.  We find out why, what he sees as the drivers of growth and interestingly he adds that he thinks the Sydney market is in for a soft landing.  But what about the regions and the other parts of the country that are struggling? Transcript: Kevin:  Recently, I attended a function in Brisbane, and the guest speaker was John McGrath from the McGrath Organization. John always gives some really good insight as to what’s happening around Australia, and John joins me now to talk...

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