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  • Next Generation: Young, Brave and (Financially) Free + The 4 step process to investing success + How long does a 20 year report last?

    Podcast: DownloadHighlights from this week: The most financially savvy generation Picking the right Mentor and what to expect Understanding the numbers When to get a new depreciation schedule Advice from an industry heavyweight for those starting out Success stories that will inspire you The ideal speed to accumulate property Updating your property records online Transcripts: The new generation of investor – Simon Pressley Kevin:  Simon Pressley from Propertyology says there are many more Gen Y investors entering the property market but they’re doing it in different ways. Also, when speaking of Millennials, he believes the most successful young investors...

  • Investors not spooked by ‘bubble talk’ + Make money by saying ‘no’ + Buyer beware

    Podcast: DownloadHighlights from this week: How you are feeling about property investment What to say ‘no’ to When to love it and when to list it What to watch out for when investing in Brisbane Solicitors says ‘buyer beware’ – what you should be told Transcripts: Investors not fazed about ‘bubble talk’ – Ben Kingsley Kevin:  Every year or thereabouts, PIPA – the Property Investment Professionals of Australia – conduct one of the largest independent surveys amongst property investors in Australia. There are other surveys that are done but they always have a bit of a vested interest. This doesn’t...

  • Can APRA get tougher? + Buy a brick and become an investor + Borrowers band together to lower rates

    Podcast: DownloadHighlights from this week: Finance expert says “Get ready for it to get tougher to get finance” How anyone can become a property investor The role of the quantity surveyor The HashChing property finance investment model and how it can save you thousands How to make sure your investible debt or your deductible debt is working for you Why electronic conveyancing is now the norm in most states of Australia except for Queensland Property investing like buying shares Transcripts: Can APRA get any tougher? – Andrew Mirams Kevin:  I did a video recently with Andrew Mirams from Intuitive...

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