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  • The fear of overpaying for a property + Expert is “surprised” at the resilience of the market

      Ed Chan from Chan & Naylor stumps up to answer some questions about land tax from Charlotte. I ask Margaret Lomas about the fairness or otherwise of the compensation you get from Government if your land is resumed and what can you do if you are not happy? Margaret tells us about her personal family experience in this area. A very successful investor and property renovator, Jane Slack-Smith is our feature guest this week. Jane talks about her early memories of growing up in a family of renters. How she initially trained as a mining engineer but started...

  • What you should be telling your kids about property and investing

      Effie Zahos from Money Magazine says she is trying teach her kids the value of money and the power of compound interest. Property identity and CEO of McGrath Real Estate, John McGrath, adds to the topic of how to educate kids about investing in property and the power of money by sharing his experiences growing up in a family where it wasn’t that important. He sought the advice of mentors outside his family circle. Executive Chairman and Founder of Aussie Home Loans, John Symond, says kids need to appreciate that money doesn’t grow on trees. He talks about...

  • How to add $100K in value in 6 weeks + John Symond says property will continue to grow + Ray White’s grandson remembers

    Ken Raiss answers a question about possible tax implications when doing a subdivision by acquiring a portion of a neighbour’s land. Aussie Home Loans chairman John Symond has claimed the housing market has the potential for 10-15% growth over the next three years.  We talk to John about that and find out what he bases that on. Michael Yardney talks about the bank of mum and dad in helping young people get into property.  More and more first homebuyers are being forced to rely on their parents to lend them a hand to get a foothold into the property...

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